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Dr Mark Howard

Mark Howard 
Mark is the Principal of Strelitzia Consulting Rooms. He is an experienced psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who can assess general referrals to the practice and recommend a suitable clinician for ongoing care of patients. He also offers consultation review, with recommendations, for patients who have not found other treatment helpful. He provides brief and extended psychodynamic therapy for adolescents and adults with a wide range of difficulties. 
Mobile: 0416 181 431


Robin BowlsRobin Bowles 
Robin is a an experienced psychodynamic psychotherapist, clinical social worker and Approved Victims Services Counsellor who offers short and long term therapy for adults and adolescents. Robin has worked with refugee survivors of torture and trauma for 30 years, and she has some familiarity with Indonesian culture and language. Mobile: 0410 348 178



Leticia AydosLaticia
Leticia is an experienced psychiatrist with a special interest in the perinatal and youth areas, including older adolescents. Additional to psychiatry, Leticia works extensively with psychodynamic psychotherapy both focused and longer term. She offers medical assessments, particularly when patients are engaged in psychotherapy. Leticia is originally from the south of Brazil, where the interest in psychotherapy was also born, and can therefore consult in Portuguese. Mobile: 0406 389 993


Simone MohiSimone Mohi
BSc Psych (Hons), M.Psych (Clinical)
Simone is a clinical psychologist who offers assessments and several forms of psychotherapy to adults, adolescents and children, including brief psychodynamic therapy (CCRT), CBT, DBT, extended psychodynamic psychotherapy, and group therapy. Simone is experienced in working with parents of children with externalising behaviour and emotional regulation difculties, and with adolescent and adult personality disorders. Simone is familiar with Maori culture and language. Mobile: 0413 476 161


Elisa WagstaffElisa Wagstaff
PGDip Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (WPF), PACFA (Provisional)
Elisa is a psychodynamic psychotherapist who trained in London. She has worked with a wide range of clients on issues of grief and loss, anxiety and depression, mood and personality disorders, sexual difficulties and issues, body image/eating disorders and pre and post natal depression. Elisa works both short and long term with clients. Mobile: 0484 652 199

Veronica ChampionVeronica Champion
BSc, BA (Hons), G.Dip. Counselling, Master of Gestalt Therapy, PACFA (provisional)
Veronica is a Gestalt therapist who works with children, adolescents, and adults. She focuses on the individual's present experience to understand how habitual adjustments to life's circumstances can become rigid and affect relationships. She draws on psychodynamic understanding of how the past can be alive in the present and works supportively with individuals to develop their awareness, responsibility, and potential for change. Veronica can consult in Thai. Mobile: 0401 578 604


Veronica VellaVeronica Vella
BA (Psych), PGDip (Psych), M.Psych (Clinical), MAPS
Veronica is a clinical psychologist who offers assessment and treatment for adults. Veronica takes an integrative and flexible approach offering both brief and extended psychotherapy. Veronica utilises a range of evidence based modalities including CBT, DBT, ACT, trauma-informed therapy, mindfulness and psychodynamically informed psychotherapy. Veronica has a warm, empathic and non judgemental approach. She focuses on fostering change by developing a supportive and collaborative therapeutic relationship. Mobile: 0468 427 594


Skye DongSkye Dong 
B.Psych (1st Class Honours, USyd), D.Psych (Clinical, USyd), PhD (Psychology, USyd), MAPS, MACPA
Skye is a clinical psychologist who offers brief and extended therapy to adults, adolescents, and groups. She utilises a range of evidence-based and relational therapies. Skye is particularly experienced in working with adjustment to significant life events, grief/loss, medical conditions, chronic pain, and complex trauma/PTSD. She favours an empathic and non-judgmental base from which individuals can explore their difficulties. Skye is familiar with Chinese culture and language. Mobile: 0404 633 767