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Supervision, Education & Consultancy


Supervision for Mental Health Professionals 

Supervision helps mental health professionals to develop their clinical skills and to better understand and manage emotional processes between the clinician and her patient. Supervision can also help to understand greater complexity in the patient - clinician relationship that may arise in organisational settings. Several practitioners at Strelitzia Consulting Rooms provide individual and small group supervision for professionals working with adolescents and adults.

Education for Health Care Providers & Families and Carers of Patients

We are experienced providers of educational seminars and workshops on a wide range of mental health topics for health professionals. Please contact the appropriate practitioner listed below to develop a tailored educational program to meet the needs of your practice or health service.

We can also provide seminars for families and carers of children, teenagers, and young adults with school behavioural difficulties and substance use problems.

Consultancy to Health Care Services

Some clinicians offer Consultancy to private and community health services and organisations. In Consultancy an external clinician can bring a fresh perspective to understand and alleviate clinical or systemic difficulties within a health team or practice, such as dealing with the impact of critical incidents, the erosion of professional hope, and organisational disruption in professional groups caring for patients with mental health issues.

Mark Howard 
Mark provides individual and group supervision, brief and extended educational seminar programs, and consultancy to health organisations.

Professional Background

Mark worked as a general and inpatient psychiatrist (RANZCP) before qualifying as a psychoanalyst. Since 2007 he has been a Training and Supervising psychoanalyst in the Australian Psychoanalytical Society (APAS) and in this role he has assisted in the teaching and training of mental health professionals to become clinical psychoanalysts. Mark developed the Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Course (PPC) and the Small Group Seminar & Consultation (SGSC) program at Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis (SIP) in 2012, (see As Chair of these extended outreach programs Mark learnt to make psychodynamic ways of working more relevant and accessible to clinicians in public, not for profit, and private settings whose practices included assessments, single consultation interventions, and short term or extended therapies with patients across the life span. He also has extensive experience in providing individual and group supervision to help clinicians better understand the impact and challenges of their work at internal, relational, organisational, and systemic levels.

Mark is an accredited Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT) practitioner and he is helping to develop a DIT training program in Australia. DIT is a brief psychodynamic therapy (16 - 24 sessions) for depression used in the UK National Health Service, (see

Selected Publications
2009 Keynote speaker at The Freud Conference, Melbourne, ‘Didley Bo.’
2014 Invited lecturer, Francis Tustin Memorial Trust, Los Angeles, ‘Requiem for a dream.’
2016 - 2018 Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy seminars at RANZCP and APAS conferences.
2018 APAS Open Day discussant for Mr Jeff Eaton, ‘Countries of the Mind.’

Robin Bowles
Robin provides individual and group supervision, lectures and seminars, and consultancy to health organisations.

Professional Background
Robin worked in an agency assisting refugee survivors of torture and trauma for 30 years, and one of her primary roles was clinical supervision with individuals and small groups. In that role Robin was also involved in cofacilitating training groups for clinical supervisors, and worked on the agency's clinical supervision policy. She has also worked as a clinical supervisor in her private practice for many years. 
 Robin has provided lectures and seminars, and produced/presented papers and publications focusing primarily on psychoanalytic psychotherapy, clinical and supervisory work with refugees, social work and refugees, and working with interpreters in psychotherapy. Please see her website for further details: (see

Selected Publications
Bowles, R. (2017) 'Finding a Safe Port in the Storm. Using Psychoanalytic Thinking in Working with Refugees.' POPIG, Sydney.
Becker, R. & Bowles, R. (2017) 'Clinical Supervision: Managing Unbearable Projections.’ First Australia and New Zealand Refugee Trauma Recovery in Resettlement Conference, Sydney.
Bowles, R., Melhem, E., Nguyen. T. & Thai, M. (2016) 'New Land New Home Working with Refugee Survivors of Torture and Trauma' in E. Moore (Ed.) Case Management: Inclusive Community Practice Second Edition. Oxford University Press, Melbourne.
Bowles, R. (2013) ‘Ethics and Cross-Cultural Psychotherapy’ CAPA Quarterly, Issue Two ‘Ethics’: 14 -15, 30-31.

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